Financing new development projects in Ida-Virumaa includes two main processes:

  • Financing construction
  • Purchasing equipment

To finance construction, the following options can be used:

  1. Long-term loans from commercial Estonian banks with Kredex warranty (up to 10 years)
  2. Short-term financing from a construction company (up to 2 years)
  3. A grant for connecting to electricity mains, water supply and communication networks (up to 100,000 EUR, but no more than 60% of the total cost of works)
  4. Grants to large-scale investors for the construction and purchase of the equipment (from 1 mln EUR provided that the amount of investments is over 10 mln EUR).

Purchasing equipment:

  1. Finance lease from UniCredit Leasing
  2. Loan for technology implementation from Kredex