Soft-Landing service

To our customers we provide free services related to project monitoring and integration into local business environment as well as help to solve simple everyday problems that inevitably come up when you are staying in a different country.

Our Soft-Landing services include:

  • holding meetings with the representatives of local government;
  • contacts with Estonian entrepreneurs;
  • consultations while selecting the financing scheme and organizing meetings with the representatives of financing structures;
  • preliminary analysis of feasibility and return on investments;
  • company registration;
  • assistance in collecting necessary documents and in the course of notarial deeds;
  • assistance in the execution of documents related to external financing;
  • recommendations related to selecting designers, contractors, partners;
  • assistance in obtaining approvals and permits from local and state authorities;
  • preparing projects and applications for financing from state and city programmes (grants);
  • assistance in staff recruitment and organizing additional training and retraining;
  • assistance in the integration into local business environment.