Between EU and Russia


Situated on a busy trade route between East and West.

One of the most successful IT countries in the world – you can start a business in Estonia and run it from abroad using e-Residency.

Modern infrastructure:

  • Modern and agile business environment
  • Cargo ports connecting Estonia to Scandinavia and Western Europe
  • International flights
  • Railway connections to Russia
  • Major road to St Petersburg, 150 km from border

Membership of:

  • World Trade Organization
  • European Union & NATO (since 2004)
  • Schengen area (since 2007)
  • Eurozone (since 2011)

Ida-Viru County

Most rapidly growing EU-Russia border region:

Most important border crossing between the EU and Russia is in Narva.
Home of well-known production companies: Aquaphor, Eastman, Nitrofert, VKG Group & NPM Silmet
The region has industrial traditions dating back to 1856 (Kreenholm textile factory)
100 years of oil shale production

Expand your business into Estonia’s Eastern region, located on the border of  EU and Northwestern Russia on the Baltic Sea. This is an excellent location for cross-border trade.

80% of the population (150,000 people) live in cities
Average unemployment rate in county: 13.6% (2021 1st quarter)
Average wage (gross): 1158 EUR (2020).


Our customers point out the following advantages of near-shoring their production in Ida-Viru region:

  1. Quick investment process (1 year from purchasing the plot to the industrial building ready for operation).
  2. Tax on reinvested profits is 0% (in Latvia and Lithuania it is 15%).
  3. Government incentives up to 10 million Euros on investing to Ida-Viru region.
  4. Located right on the border between Russia and the European Union (2 hour-drive to St Petersburg).
  5. Competitive cost of labour compared to many EU countries (average salary in the industrial sector in Ida-Viru is 900-1100 EUR gross monthly).
  6. Availability of labour force with extensive experience in different industries (Ida-Viru region in Estonia is a traditional industrial area in Estonia).
  7. The territory of Port of Sillamäe is a Free Zone of control type 1, which makes it possible to transfer ownership of goods with 0% VAT rate and to perform storage of cargo transshipped in transit through Estonia with no taxes and duties having to be paid.