On the border of EU


One of the most successful IT countries in the world – you can start a business in Estonia and run it from abroad using e-Residency.

Modern infrastructure:

  • Modern and agile business environment
  • Cargo ports connecting Estonia to Scandinavia and Western Europe
  • International flights

Membership of:

  • World Trade Organization
  • European Union & NATO (since 2004)
  • Schengen area (since 2007)
  • Eurozone (since 2011)

Ida-Viru County

Ida-Viru region is a home of well-known production companies: Aquaphor, Eastman, Nitrofert, VKG Group & NPM Silmet
The region has industrial traditions dating back to 1856 (Kreenholm textile factory)
100 years of oil shale production

Expand your business into Estonia’s Eastern region.

80% of the population (150,000 people) live in cities
Average unemployment rate in county: 13.6% (2021 1st quarter)
Average wage (gross): 1158 EUR (2020).


Our customers point out the following advantages of near-shoring their production in Ida-Viru region:

  1. Quick investment process (1 year from purchasing the plot to the industrial building ready for operation).
  2. Tax on reinvested profits is 0% (in Latvia and Lithuania it is 15%).
  3. Government incentives up to 10 million Euros on investing to Ida-Viru region.
  4. Competitive cost of labour compared to many EU countries (average salary in the industrial sector in Ida-Viru is 900-1100 EUR gross monthly).
  5. Availability of labour force with extensive experience in different industries (Ida-Viru region in Estonia is a traditional industrial area in Estonia).
  6. The territory of Port of Sillamäe is a Free Zone of control type 1, which makes it possible to transfer ownership of goods with 0% VAT rate and to perform storage of cargo transshipped in transit through Estonia with no taxes and duties having to be paid.