Located in an industrial area in Kohtla-Järve (80 ha)

In the industrial district of Kohtla-Järve, which gave birth to the Estonian oil shale extracting and proccessing industry more than 100 years ago, the chemical park is located, which, due to its chemical specialization, we are developing as a separate project called the Baltic Chemical Park.

Next to the park, four large, including international, groups are operating.

The total territory has more than 300 ha of land, out of which 80 ha belong to IVIA. The territory that belongs to IVIA is divided into 28 land plots with the surface area of 0.5 up to 6 ha.

In 2018, IVIA has carried out the construction of technical infrastructure: water supply, sewage, fiber-optic communication routes, on-site roads with street lighting. In 2019, under construction is gas pipeline. Connecting to all of the utilities listed above is included into the price of the land plot. You must pay separately for connecting to the electricity supply system (135 EUR per 1 kW of allocated capacity). In 2017, two electric substations with the capacity of 2 MW has been built on the territory of the industrial park, and the total capacity available on the territory is more than 25 MW. IVIA has a capacity to build a steampipe (we have a project and a construction permit) that would satisfy the technological needs of potential large companies.

The target clients of the industrial park are the companies, whose technology of production assumes using energy in large amounts (gas, heat, power, steam), which is possible through excess energy generated in the result of technological processes of processing oil shale at VKG.

The second target group of the chemical park are the Russian companies operating in the chemical industry, which, at present, are sending their products for better processing to foreign companies. They could build their own production facilities on the territory of the EU near the border between the EU/Russia, generating higher added value in their Estonian companies and accumulating the undistributed profit, which is tax-exempt pursuant to the Estonian legislation. In addition to that, the location in the immediate vicinity from the border with the RF (50 km) would allow to decrease the amount of expenses on logistics of raw products and end products.

The third group of target clients are the companies that in recent years, because of unfavourable political and economic background, have experienced problems with selling their products at the markets of the EU and/or Ukraine. For those who have their own necessary raw materials and technologies, the solution in a situation like that could be the localization of production on the territory of the EU, in the Baltic Chemical Park.

Important additional advantages of the industrial park are also:

  • The availability of large operating chemical enterprises that have special transport, permits, licenses, quotas, etc. that would make it possible to use their resources, enhancing the start-up of production and diminishing the volume of capital investments at the initial stage.
  • Virumaa College of Tallinn University of Technology, located in Kohtla-Järve, which educates specialists in the chemical industry and the power industry.
  • The Oil Shale Competence Center, whose state-of-the-art laboratories and competences could be used by newcomer companies for R&D purposes.