About foundation

Ida-Viru Investment Agency Foundation (IVIA) is a development organisation created by the public sector. It was founded by the Republic of Estonia (the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications), the City of Narva, the City of Kohtla-Järve, the City of Kiviõli and Jõhvi municipality. It is developing five industrial and business parks in Ida-Viru County, being the owner of the property with supporting infrastructure.

Provided Services:

  • Industrial/business land with infrastructure
  • Business incubator support services (soft landing)
  • Investor reception, networking, meetings with key persons (municipalities, banks, builders, etc.)
  • Support services – office space, staff recruitment/training, support activities (dealing with municipalities, tax administration, public authorities, etc.)
  • Partner services – legal, business and financing advice, bookkeeping, etc.

Our goal:

  • Attracting new industrial and logistic companies
  • Creating new workplaces

Our main activities are the sale of land plots for commercial and industrial purposes that have all of the required technical infrastructure. At present, IVIA owns more than 300 ha of land that is divided into 5 industrial parks in 4 towns in Ida-Viru County:  Jõhvi, Narva, Kohtla-Järve, and Kiviõli.

In addition to land plots, we are providing our customers with extensive individual support in order to make the process of entering the Estonian market, the establishment of a company and commissioning it as fast, convenient, and efficient as possible (soft-landing services).

The main success factor in our work is an integrated approach:

  1. we are the owners of the land, which means that we make decisions concerning selling the land ourselves;
  2. our land plots have the essential technical infrastructure (ready-made product);
  3. we assist our customers actively at all of the stages of the investment process (support).

Our foundation is working on behalf of the society, which is why we have an opportunity to sell land plots at special prices, since our main goal is to create new workplaces.

The Council of our foundation includes the representatives of ministries and local governments, which is why we have support while resolving different issues, both at the state and the local levels.